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Omedetou Gozaimasu!


I know this page is unfinished, but let's face it, it'll never again be updated.  This site remains as my first webbie, and I still love it, but I've moved on to bigger and better things.  Honto ni gomen nasai!  Please visit my current site at~


Uuueee, so many hits! @_@
Thank you everyone!!!

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EEE!  Tare "Melting" Panda!  My crack-panda (It looks high, doesn't it?) is named Dilandau!  Whee~~

Omigod...too much kawaiiness... *passes out*

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All characters of Eva are property of Gainax/Project Eva and do not belong to me. I got most of my pictures off of other sites so if any belong to you that you don't want shown or that I haven't given you credit for, please inform me right away so I can fix it. Thank you. ~RyO dArK